Privacy Policy

We must have a privacy policy for our clients to maintain the security and privacy of your information. Thanks to our privacy policies, you can retain confidentiality during and after the work process.

Customer Data To ensure identity and pure cooperation, we will gather the following data from you:

Name, name of your company or organization, and job title.

Information on how to contact you, such as phone numbers, email addresses, or websites.

For us to better understand your needs and offer you the best service possible, the following details are necessary:


We pledge to protect the privacy of the information you supply. We have put together electronic and managerial processes to safeguard the information we gather from unauthorized access. For the highest level of client information security during transmission, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used.
Our requirements for safeguarding personal information during transmission and receipt comply with industry standards. Even though no method of data transmission over the internet is entirely secure, we still take precautions by using commercially reasonable procedures to provide relative data security.

Third-Party Share

Our privacy policy prohibits us from providing your personal information to outside parties. Author’s District never knowingly engages in the sale of any personal data to any parties. To bill for services, we use credit card processing businesses. We can assure you that the companies we have turned never to disclose, keep, or utilize the information for any other purposes.

Cookies and Their Use

Cookies and alphanumeric identifiers help our systems function better by identifying and storing things from clients' browsers. Cookies can be simply disabled from your browser. In addition, the toolbar-based help section of a browser is very helpful. Although it helps access our website's top-notch features, we advise you to use cookies. Your IP address is logged in by our Author’s District so that we can examine any server issues. The client compiles data on how our users are using the website. For example, details about the site's traffic patterns and search queries may be included in this data. IP address information is never linked to personally identifiable information by us (PII). Except in combined form, third parties do not have access to information about browser types, access times, the URLs people use to access our site, or the URLs visitors view while on it.

Consumer Data Safety Measures

We respect your right of privacy. We therefore do not share your name and contact details with any third party. Besides, we keep information provided by you as confidential. The information you provide are used only to understand your requirements and to improve our services to suit your needs rather effectively. We ensure to follow the standards set by PCI and consumer data protection. It is hereby declared that our company does not authorize its representatives to collect any confidential information from our customers i.e., credit card information etc. Accordingly, we advise our customers not to share any confidential and sensitive nature information with our employees. If you do so; you shall be doing at your own risk and our company shall not be liable for any misuse. Your ordered work may be forwarded to any of our production or service centers located globally, for the quality delivery. However, they are also bound by an NDA to keep customer’s information as highly confidential.

Pseudonym Policy

We hold a policy of using the pseudonym to ensure the following: With a view to avoid undue confusion and hassle at our customers end when they are assigned a new account manager, we use pseudonyms; it helps our customers remain connected with a single point of contact and remember their name comfortably. Moreover, as our staff comprises of people from different regions and cultures, hence the use of pseudonym helps us present a uniform culture of the organization.

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